Production Equipment

To insure the finest quality film and video production, Eastern Video maintains an in-house inventory of professional production equipment.

Video Cameras include the Panasonic Varicam HD, Panasonic SDX900, Sony DVW 700 WS Digital Betacam and Sony BVW D-600 Betacam SP. We cover the new smaller digital cameras with the Sony Widescreen 570 DVCAM, Panasonic AG-HVX-200 P2 and the Pansonic DVX100A 24P and Sony PD-170 MiniDV camcorders.

State of the art Digital Audio recorders and wireless microphones insure the best audio for your project while our choices of lights provide the perfect lighting for each situation. Lights include Arri, Lowell, Mole Richardson, Kino-Flo and Pampa.

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